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Things are Lookin' Up!!!!!!!!!

Well, my new computer class is going great so far. It's only two and a half hours a day for the next two months, which is easier to handle than six hours a day in three weeks and best of all it looks like I may have another chance to do my IC3 exams, as they appear incorporated in my curriculum!

I alos got a call from GOrd, my agent at Career Dynamics, regarding some psssible part time employment to start me back up again and gradually re-introduce me into the working force.

THis is also pretty cool. THe thing I don't like about those TIckle Newsletter Quizzes is that they do not come with a code to paste the results into your 'blog, but I was able to copy them out anyway to share here...

Margaret, you're likely to find fame and fortune in the Scientific World

Talk about inventive! You're one of those people who has a special way of seeing a problem, wrapping your head around it, and squeezing out a solution that's nothing but pure genius. So what if you never won at the science fair (but congrats if you did). The fact is, you have a mind made for experimenting. You enjoy a mental challenge and like creating — whether it's a new invention for the sake of invention or something that solves people's more immediate problems.

Don't have crazy hair like Einstein? Don't know a Bunsen burner from a test tube? No sweat. Maybe you'll discover a cure for cancer. Maybe you'll be the first human to set foot on Mars. Or maybe you'll figure out how to safely make landfills evaporate.

Whatever you do, with a brain like yours, you're bound for scientific greatness. So get going! Fame and fortune await! The world's still waiting for someone to create that triple-chocolate, fudge, ice cream cake with zero calories! Or shoelaces that don't fray at the ends, or headphones that automatically adjust for outside noise factors, or rainproof-breathable fleece, or...

I like the part about automatic headphones!!!!

You may also get a kick out of the "Monopoly Board Game" I drew the other night and posted in my User Info page to celebrate my interests and the many communities I moderate!!
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