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art show review

I'm all giddy about our Spectrum Art Show! So far it's been in the newspaper, the radio, and on TV!!!! I was interviewed for TV! and we taped it!!
Right now, I'm making preperations to have the show continue next year. yay!

I've had a few sales at the show, which is exciting, because I'll be able to buy a new computer monitor. (mine's going all funny!) I hope to have a website up to get more sales.

Right now, I have enough money from my job at Kerry's Place to pay for my personal supplies for school, making me feel more independant. (next year, I plan to have my own apartment!) I have one of those exercise balls to use as a chair now!

Also, I've been drawing a comic on the daily life as an Aspie (commissioned by Kerry's Place) and they've invited me to talk about it at a Conference in October. It makes me happy, I can hardly sit still!

okay, and now I need to get back to work. but I just had to tell people! ^.^
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