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My Evaluation and Then Some...

Good news! I had my assessment today! It's wonderful the way it all worked out. A lot of it seemed very familliar. THere were many questions and puzzles. Some were in the form of pictures where you have to point out what's missing. For example, one picture showed two people walking side by side on the beach but only one set of footprints. Another showed a cow with one hoof that was not cloven, etc. Another test involved several series of pictures of different coloured shapes and you'd have to choose which one goes next in the sequence or fits into the empty space in the series.

Other questions involved words and comprehension. One of them was about the meanings of different words and another was about the meanings of different colloquial expressions.

I remember doing questions very similar to these back in college when I took an aptitude test over 20 years ago. There was one I took in college and another I took at this employment center. This was over 20 years ago before Asperger's Syndrome had ever been heard of.

I also answered questions about my sensory issues and social situations.

Shauna is very much with me on the idea of starting an adult support group! In fact we may actually start one as soon as next month right in this place where she has her office! The first meeting will be an open house where we will educate the public on Asperger's Syndrome Awareness! I'll continue to keep you posted as details become more available!!!
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